Friday, September 21, 2012

More Studies... more

Week 2 at Red Engine... I realize that I need to do way WAY more studies.  Here we go:

ENVIRONMENT STUDIES, studying Feng Zhu's environment painting styles.  Concentrating on values, atmospheric separation, composition set up, and design choices:

LEGEND OF KORRA STUDIES, study stylistic animation methods for drawing people:

STUDIES FROM STEVEMCCURRY.COM PHOTOGRAPHY, focus on creating strong and graphic reads through silhouettes and shadows:

STUDIES FROM MOTION PICTURE HUGO, practice environment painting and studying composition and setup from the movie:

CLASSIC CAR STUDIES, practicing sketching and perspective in Photoshop:

BONE STUDIES, practicing sketching and contouring in Photoshop:

HUMAN BODY STUDIES, because they are hard:

MATERIAL STUDIES, practicing painting different materials in Photoshop, using basic forms and lighting them:

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