Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More studies, homework from FoundationArts101

Commission in progress:

With the requested characters slotted in

Feeling pretty happy with it at this point

And of course, it needs a dragon

Study of Borkur Eiriksson painting:

Study of Christina Ricci:

Classes starting up again! Here's some figure drawings:

And some homework... need to draw 300 heads from an animated film.  I love Finding Nemo... so here we go!


  1. That Nemo excersise must have been fun.

  2. I really love the Guild Wars 2 commission piece you did! The background and character design style really suit the game, as do the lighting and colors.

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to paint :)

  3. What pencil is that you use in your sketchbook?

    1. Are you talking about the finding nemo ones or the sketchbook on my portfolio website?

      These finding nemo ones were done with the conte charcoal pencil, sanguine color on 18x24 newsprint paper. The ones on my portfolio website are done with micron pens, copic markers, white prismacolor pencil, and white gel pen on Neenah Desert Storm coverstock paper.

  4. Hello!

    May I ask you what program/techniques you used on those Guild Wars 2 pieces? It looks very much like the originals drawings from the game, especially the background, I love that look and I've been looking forward to know how do I begin to achieve this!

    Thanks a lot!!