Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dynamic Sketching - Week 5 - Animals

Week 5 focused on animals.  We went to the zoo and drew all kinds of animals.  Of course, this week's HW includes several pages of animals and also another animal-based re-design concept.


Re-Design - The Terratoise

My idea was to create a city on the back of a gargantuan tortoise.  I know it's been done before... but I wanted to really try to make a believable setting for it.  My idea was that the city would be like a "steampunk" industrial city... a technology era in which airships and heavy industry are prominent.  In a world where titanic beasts roam the land, humans have realized that building their cities on the ground is very dangerous, as the beasts would simply destroy the cities.  The only option was to build on the animals' backs.

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