Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Digital Painting - Week 6

Assignment was to come up with a few quick paintings of environments (interiors or exteriors).  I had a lot of trouble with this assignment...

I'm not too confident in these paintings... But I did 4 designs.  3 landscape-ish paintings and 1 interior.

I was going for a toxic feeling world with this one.  A bunch of sea creature alien slug things are sailing into this alien harbor.  There's an indication of a sinister looking city in the distance and there are some foreground insect like arms that might be loading cranes for the alien slug boats:

 A mysterious cliff side town shrouded in mist and fog with a foreground element of a caravan heading towards the town:

 This was a design I drew on paper for another class.  I brought it to this painting, using a horizon photo underneath:

Here's a black and white interior painting based on the starting few chapters of the novel Perdido Street Station by China Mieville:

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